Living with Autism

To say that autism is a life-changing diagnosis may just qualify as the understatement of the year. In one strange way, it comes as a relief. The challenges your loved deals with, from repetitive behavior to cognitive functioning to physical delays, finally have a name: autism. There’s a word to describe the reality that you and your family live with every day. At the same time, the diagnosis can throw you into a panic as it initially did for me. You envision a life of limitations and grieve the loss of the person you hoped and thought your child would become.

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The Philosophy of Free-Range Lives

My hope for this blog is to impart to you the idea that you don’t have to accept the limitations society places on people with autism. Free-range doesn’t mean living a life with no structure where everyone does exactly as he or she pleases. Instead, it’s a frame of mind. It allows you to metaphorically remove the cages others would place around your child and family and embrace reality just as it is. I think you will find this leads to greater health and happiness for the entire family.

Acceptance Doesn’t Eliminate the Challenges of Autism

I can say with certainty that adapting a free-range way of thinking will change your life for the better. What it won’t do is take away the everyday challenges for the person with autism and the family that loves and lives with him or her. There’s still endless IEP meetings. There’s sensory overload and meltdowns. There’s accidental injuries and daily stress and disagreements that never seem to resolve. 

We will get through these challenges together. I invite you into our family’s life through this blog. You will get to know Porter and will hopefully nod in understanding as only the families of those with autism can do. Please sign up below to join our mailing list and to receive notification when we publish new content.

A Cure for Boredom

Summers in the country required personal initiative since we lived miles away from the interesting parts of civilization. When I woke one morning, having a fruit stand wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. But I was bored, and I made the mistake of telling my father there was nothing to do. “Why don’t . . . Continue Reading

Free Range Lives

Parenting a disabled child is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s also the most rewarding. That may sound contradictory, but it’s not – one thing I’ve learned from my son, Porter, is that we grow by embracing our struggles. The lessons taught by Porter also apply to high level corporate clients in my consulting business.

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Free Range Lives

My mission to help others live vibrant, fulfilling, “free-range” lives stems from the lessons I’ve learned from my modern family and our ever-changing story. It’s a busy household of eight – 11, including the dogs – with no shortage of struggles and successes.

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